Our 2018 – 2023 Plans & Renewal Ballot

  • Business Plan Outlining Our Priorities Now Available

    Business Plan Outlining Our Priorities Now Available

    We are delighted to publish our 2018 – 2023 Business Plan outlining our vision and priorities for the next five years. This has been developed after a lengthy period of consultation and engagement with our members and stakeholders enabling us to tailor our plans to benefit your business, your staff and the area as a whole. Our new priorities focus on six core areas ensuring the Quarter is a place for people, a place for business and ultimately the West End’s commercial district of choice.

    All members have been sent a printed version. You can download a digital edition here or alternatively just ask us for additional copies of the print edition. 

  • Renewal Ballot

    Member Ballot Takes Place Oct 26 - Nov 23

    Renewal Ballot

    From 26 October this year you will have the opportunity to vote on this business proposal for 2018 – 2023.

    A postal ballot will take place over four weeks. Westminster City Council will conduct the ballot, as required by the BID Regulations and legislation.

    The ballot needs to satisfy two tests – a majority by number of those voting and a majority in rateable value of those voting. Each BID is required to renew its mandate every five years. At our last ballot, in February 2013, we gained 80% support by number and 79% by rateable value.

    All eligible businesses will be entitled to one vote per hereditament (rated business unit). Some businesses occupying more than one hereditament will get more than one vote. You can check if you’re a member by viewing our member list. We are always happy to meet with you to explain the process so please let us know and we can pop in.

  • Renewal Information & Key Dates

    Renewal Information & Key Dates

    BID Levy Rules
    You can view the full version of our BID Levy rules here. These rules set out our levy information for 2018 – 2023 including how it’s calculated and which businesses in our district qualify as levy-paying members.

    2018 -2023 BID Area 

    The proposed Baker Street Quarter Partnership BID area for 2018-2023 includes a small extension to the west as shown by the blue boundary and slight amendments to our southern boundary. The changes ensure we abut the boundaries of our neighbouring BIDs. Download a PDF version the map and the list of street names featured here.

    Key Dates

    September – The Council will write to you asking you to confirm you are the nominated voter for your business

    October 26 – You will receive your ballot paper (or papers if you have more than one vote)

    November 23 – Deadline for returning ballot papers

  • Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know about the ballot

    Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is standing for election?
    Unlike a government or council election there are not multiple organisations to vote for. We are the only proposer to continue operating as the Business Improvement District. Rather than an election this is called a Renewal Ballot.

    What choices do I get on the ballot paper? 
    There are just 2 choices – vote Yes to continue to support Baker Street Quarter Partnership for another five year term or No.

    What happens if the ballot is unsuccessful?
    Baker Street Quarter Partnership and all its services and activities will cease to exist from 31 March 2018.

    How much will it cost my business?
    Member businesses will continue to fund our work to improve the area through a BID levy payment. You can view our BID levy rules and details here: (Link to PDF doc)

    How much will you be spending on the projects outlined in the Business Plan?
    A detailed budget is included in the Business Plan. As a not-for-profit organisation all income we receive is invested in delivering this plan.

    How can I influence what you do?
    There are numerous ways to influence and steer our work. Take a look here.

    How can I see what you have achieved?
    In addition to the achievements outlined in our Business Plan we produce a detailed annual report each year which is available every September together with an additional mid-year update which is sent with your levy invoice in March. Our weekly newsletter and social media are great ways to keep up to date with the latest news.