Smarter Giving

Smarter Giving is our programme that enables our members to direct their charitable efforts locally. We’ve developed relationships with local grass root charities and community groups, and are well positioned to broker links between them and you. We provide a comprehensive service and can guide you through the range of causes we work with through to the various ways you can get involved. Our aim is to create long-term relationships that can be nurtured for years, buildings a sustainable community for all.

We have a special interest in the Church Street area – one of the most deprived wards in the country just north of Marylebone Road, where many of the charities are based. All the organisations we work with are vetted by us giving you peace of mind that any activities are directed to official causes, all of which are based in close proximity of the Quarter.

  • Ways to get involved

    Ways to get involved

    We recognise that every business is different. So we’ve got a range of opportunities to help you choose what’s best suited to your organisation. For inspiration take a look at our news for what others have been doing so far.

    Meet Kate, our dedicated Smarter Giving Project Manager who will help you find the right charity for your business and provide guidance on how you can make a positive impact. Contact us to get involved.

  • Collaborative Volunteering

    Collaborative Volunteering

    We bring member businesses, contractors and suppliers together to revive derelict spaces and transform them for all to enjoy. Our recent projects include overhauling a neglected playground at The Portman Early Childhood Centre including a fabulous water feature and landscaping overgrown gardens that bloom all year round. Members can help by providing volunteers, donating funds or services or even sponsor the lunch!

  • Brokering donations

    Brokering donations

    Waste not, want not is our motto, so if you’re moving, refurbishing or simply having a clear out, remember to contact us so we can help re-direct as much as we can to local, worthy causes. You will be surprised at what we’ve managed to re-home, from furniture, household items and IT equipment and much more.

  • Fundraising


    If you’re looking to host a fun, one-off event a fundraising activity is right for you.  All the charities we work with are in desperate need of funds to continue providing its life-changing services. We’ve got some great ideas to get you started and are guaranteed to get the whole office involved.

  • Skill sharing

    Skill sharing

    We’re fortunate to have so many specialist businesses in the Quarter, so why not share your talent with a charity to help with a marketing strategy, business plan, website upgrade, financial management and much more. There are also opportunities to lead one-off CV and interview skills workshop or even host a group student visit and inspire the next generation.

  • Mentoring


    We work with a number of organisations to help facilitate mentoring relationships for individuals. Finding the right match is essential so we put you in touch with our partners who have a wealth of experience and play a key role in ensuring the partnership works for all. Opportunities are flexible and can range from supporting teenagers to staff at local causes.

  • Clothes, food and toy drives

    Clothes, food and toy drives

    Many of our buildings and individual businesses host quarterly food and clothes drives which are easy to set up and gives individuals the flexibility to donate as much as they like. All donations are directed to local causes creating a long-term sustainable relationship.  Our annual Toy Appeal takes place in the run up to Christmas and supports under privileged children in local nurseries.

  • Charity of the year

    Charity of the year

    With so many exceptional causes to choose from, selecting one can be difficult. We showcase an array of worthy local causes in all aspects of society from early ages to the elderly, the homeless, sick and those with substance abuse to name a few. We can facilitate introductions and will work with you to help your relationship grow, enabling our members to effectively support their chosen charity in ways it needs it the most.

  • Supporting Real Change

    Supporting Real Change

    Together with Westminster City Council we are supporting #RealChange, a campaign led by three central London homelessness charities to support vulnerable homeless people while reducing the impact of begging. Our Street Team provide support and advice directly to our members and we regularly meet with outreach, police and council representatives. You can download an information leaflet and a set of posters to share with staff and guests here.

    You can help by reminding staff and guests that:

    • there are many services available for those sleeping on the street and that giving money directly to beggars will not support them away from their situation.
    • the best way to help is to contact StreetLink online or on 0300 500 0914 to alert local outreach teams and if they wish donate to registered charities by texting REALCHANGE to 70500.

  • Work experience and placements

    Work experience and placements

    We’re dedicated to helping locals who have been long-term unemployed back into the workforce and do so with the help of our members. Our closely managed work placement programme in partnership with Cross River Partnership has seen some great examples of how far individuals can go with a little help. Placements are flexible and can be offered for a variety of roles.



    Get in touch to explore how your organisation can start making a difference.