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  • Marylebone Organisations

    Marylebone Organisations

    The breadth and scope of our work means we interlink with many organisations in Marylebone, across London and the UK. Here are some of our partners and friends whom we work with to make our area the best it can be.

    Marylebone Association is an organisation that serves as an amenity society for those living and/or working in Marylebone. It works on a range of local issues that include environment, traffic, licensing, planning, safety and security.

    The Marylebone Forum is the neighbourhood forum for the area made up of residents, businesses, medical, religious and voluntary sectors providing community input on local planning policy.

    St Marylebone Society is an amenity society that undertakes a series of activities that cover areas including history, culture, social, planning and consultation – all relative to the Marylebone area.

    St Mungos Broadway is a homelessness charity and housing association that supports men and women through more than 250 projects including housing projects, advice, physical and mental health services and skills and work services.

    The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields is London’s busiest homelessness charity supporting people away from the streets through specialist services including: a day & night centre, street outreach, help finding employment & specialist mental health & addiction support

    The Passage runs London’s largest voluntary sector resource centre for homeless and vulnerable people: each day we help up to 200 men and women.

    The West London Mission (WLM) welcomes around 100 people per day at its Seymour Place centre and run a wide range of services to empower people affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma to make positive changes in their lives. The charity takes a dual approach, providing short term relief with frontline services while working to support its clients with long term solutions to their homelessness.

    St Marylebone Parish Church As a parish church in the Diocese of London it shares a vision of a Church for this great world city that is Christ-centred and outward looking. With history stretching back nearly 900 years it seeks to offer God worship that has long been renowned for its musical and liturgical excellence.

  • London organisations

    London organisations

    Cross River Partnership is a public-private partnership which delivers cross-river regeneration projects in London. CRP develops, fundraises for and delivers programmes that add value at a sub-regional level to the individual activities of its public and private partners

    Greater London Authority (GLA) is a top-tier administrative body for Greater London. It has powers over transport, policing, economic development, and fire and emergency planning.

    Metropolitan Police Service is responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, excluding the City of London.

    Transport for London is responsible for the day-to-day to operation of the Capital’s public transport network, managing London’s main roads and planning and building new infrastructure.

    Westminster City Council is the local authority serving the heart of London including Marylebone.

    West End Security Group is a membership organisation of BIDs and estates which works with key partners to improve community resilience and of which Baker Street Quarter is a founding member.

  • Business Improvement District bodies

    Business Improvement District bodies

    To ensure we share best practice, keep up to date and learn from our peers we work closely with other BIDs far and wide. This includes coming together on various ways into coordinated groups, where we have shared interests  such as:

    • Westminster BIDs
    • Central London BIDs
    • GLA London BIDs Advisory Board
    • The BID Foundation

  • Groups & boards

    Groups & boards

    In addition we sit on the following groups & panels to ensure Marylebone and our members are represented. Find out more about this here

    • Police Safer Neighbourhood Panel
    • Westminster City Council and BIDs Senior Liaison Group
    • Westminster BIDs Operation Group
    • GLA London BID Forum
    • TfL BIDs Forum
    • West End Partnership