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We love showcasing the hidden gems of the Quarter and run a complete programme of  lunchtime happenings, activities and creative workshops to get you out and exploring fabulous Marylebone. At the moment our outdoor programmes are temporarily postponed but we are still showcasing the best of the Quarter on our dedicated Supporting you Working from Home web page

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  • Mindfulness for Everyday Awareness

    17.00 - 17.40 13 January - 3 February (four week course)

    Mindfulness for Everyday Awareness

    Perhaps you’re struggling to keep focus in your work or you’re in need of a more reflective time in an otherwise hectic day. Do you sometimes feel like you need to improve your relation with what’s going on in these turbulent times: with your thoughts; with colleagues, family, and friends; or, with so much more working in the virtual world? Yusuf (University of Westminster) will share with you his inclusive approach of mindfulness for everyday awareness, which he has developed over many years to meet to the challenges of today in his work with corporate professionals, academics and students.

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  • Stretching Workshop with West 1 Physio

    12.30 - 13.30 Tuesday 19 January

    Stretching Workshop with West 1 Physio

    Have you ever spent 45mins stretching?.. Properly stretching that is! The benefit of stretching is endless, not only does it feel good, but it can relieve pain if done correctly.

    Join West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates in a 45min active and fully practical session of stretching. During your session, your physiotherapist will inform you of how, why and what type of stretch you are doing. More importantly, the impact that the stretch will have on your body and its affects on your pain.

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  • Killer Condiments with Carousel

    21 January 17.00 - 18.30

    Killer Condiments with Carousel

    During this class you will learn how to make three simple, different and exciting salsas that will brighten up your condiment and snack game. The best part? All three salsas can be made by hand, which means none of that pesky machinery to clean up afterwards. You will also have time to learn some handy knife skills as well as discuss the importance of balancing different flavours to create bold, flavour-packed salsas.

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  • Women of the Quarter - Virtual Event

    Wednesday 27 January 12.30 - 13.30

    Women of the Quarter - Virtual Event

    Featuring Madame Tussaud and her famous waxwork collection, the scandalous Countess of Holme and the blue stocking, Elizabeth Montagu. Explore the area’s connections with the militant Suffragettes and the law abiding Suffragists. Not forgetting Baker Street’s very own Mrs Hudson.

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  • Transport Through Time

    Wednesday 10 February 12.30 - 13.30

    Transport Through Time

    Join our experienced Blue Badge Guide, Mark, as he takes you on a virtual walk through transport – from the horse drawn carriage (like those used by Sherlock Holmes), omnibus, train and tube to taxi services, that have been used to carry passengers in and around the Baker Street Quarter, past and present.

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  • Literary Greats

    Wednesday 24 February 12.30 - 13.30

    Literary Greats

    Delve into the fascinating history of Marylebone’s importance in the terms of literary figures by taking a virtual tour with our Blue Badge Guide Mark Conroy. Find out the stories behind the writers and where they created some of the masterpieces of British literature, authors include Charles Dickens, T.S Eliot, Arthur Conan Doyle, HG Wells and many more.

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  • Public Art Trail

    Wednesday 10 March 12.30 - 13.30

    Public Art Trail

    Take a virtual stroll around the Quarter with our Blue Badge guide, Mark, and get acquainted with many notable pieces of art including the much-loved, yet, mysterious Orderly Boy, visit our Wonderpass and to take a closer look at the curios and fun trivia installed within and find out more about the Wallace fountain and it’s French inspiration.

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  • SOE and the Secret Service

    Thursday 25 March 12.30 - 13.30

    SOE and the Secret Service

    Learn the top secrets of the Quarter with a virtual walk with Mark, our guide, as he uncovers the history of the SEO (Special Operations Executive) and the most selfless heroes of WW1. You will also find out about a very famous novelist who based his fiction on real life subterfuge here.

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  • George's Park Pop-Ups (coming soon!)

    George's Park Pop-Ups (coming soon!)

    Our food and drink pop-ups are currently under review, register for the newsletter for the latest updates.