Awarded For Smarter And Cleaner Solution

Congratulations to our Smarter Recycling partner, Westminster City Council who, with Veolia, has been recognised in the Future Fleet Awards 2020. The Council, whose fleet of waste vehicles already exceeds the requirements of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, has taken further steps to improve the air quality in our area by introducing two electric Refuse Collection Vehicles (eRCV). The two 26 tonne collection vehicles previously ran on diesel and were reaching the end of their life. Instead of scrapping them, the vehicles have been ‘upcycled’ to as-new condition with new electric engines that will improve air quality. Westminster City Council comes together with Paper Round – two of London’s top waste suppliers – to combine services and deliver our Smarter Recycling programme. Both are 100% committed to zero waste to landfill and, together, provide a complete waste service that reduces the number of waste vehicles in the area.

As the popularity of Smarter Recycling continues to grow, with both member and non-member businesses in the area, not only do they benefit from a cost-effective service, we all benefit from cleaner air. Find out more about Smarter Recycling.

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