BakerStreetQ Interest Groups

To help our members and all businesses within our Quarter mitigate the effects of coronavirus and work towards recovery, we’ve set up a series of online interest group meetings for those who work in particular areas or within certain sectors including Facilities, Marketing & Communications, HR and Hoteliers.

The aim of the group meetings is to support each other by sharing ideas or examples of systems and procedures that your business may have put in place during this period. It’s an opportunity to ask questions or advice on how to deal with challenging issues from those in a similar situation and, most crucially, to discuss plans and activities as we move into the recovery phase.

The hour-long discussion groups are open to anyone working at a business in Baker Street Quarter, whatever its shape and size. Working together and sharing the load will ultimately help businesses and area as a whole to get back on its feet more effectively once lockdown measures are lifted.

Our next meeting is for Facilities on Tuesday 28 April at 11.30. Future meeting for Marketing & Communications, HR and Hoteliers are in the pipeline, too. If you’d like to take part in any of these Interest Groups, please email us to register.

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