Street Safe – Street Safety Team Join Met Police

Our Street Safety Team will be joining the Met Police on Friday 17 June to take part in their Street Safe briefing event, sharing leaflets with the public in the Westminster area, and giving advice and tips on safety. Street Safe is a safety awareness initiative, with a particular emphasis on how women and girls can feel more confident and safe.

StreetSafe is an online reporting tool enabling people to anonymously report public places where they feel unsafe. This could be due to poor street lighting or other environmental issues, or because of the behaviour of people in those areas.

Further activity along with the public briefing will include social media posts to help create awareness and get the message out to the community. In conjunction, a team of police cyclists are carrying out bike patrols across Westminster, providing a reassuring presence to workers, residents and visitors in the area.

For more information on Street Safe see here plus further tips on personal safety.

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