Smarter With Fewer Vehicles

By combining the services of two of London’s top waste providers, Paper Round and Westminster City Council, our Smarter Recycling programme has consistently benefited all of us who live and work in the Quarter by reducing the number of waste vehicle trips on our streets. As we look towards recovery and returning to the Quarter, a key aim of reducing waste traffic taking up valuable road and kerbside space is to enable more room for distancing and cycling.

While ensuring social distancing measures are in place, both suppliers have continued to provide normal services, with both WCC and Paper Round offering advice and services to safely disposal of PPE, which cannot be recycled.

The more businesses that use Smarter Recycling, the fewer waste providers there are in the Quarter collecting rubbish. It’s a great way to reduce traffic, improve our air quality and support recovery whilst giving users a discounted, cost-effective solution that helps them meet their recycling goals.

Find out more and sign up to Smarter Recycling.

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