Busy Bees At Selfridges

The Selfridges rooftop is now home to 100,000 bees, who have moved into a honey-themed restaurant Hive which is located in the department store.

As well as making delicious honey for Hive Selfridges, the bees will bring lots of environmental benefits to the Quarter as they pollinate in a 3-mile radius of Selfridges. As well as Green Park and Hyde Park, this brings them in reach of the Quarter’s green spaces like Paddington Street Gardens, Portman Square Gardens and Manchester Square. Beekeeper Mark Patterson is in charge of the hives and will visit them for weekly checks. The honey will be used in the Hive restaurant.

Bookings are available at Hive from today onwards, and you can come and meet the bees in The Body Studio on the Third Floor of Selfridges.

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