Cleaner Air Initiatives That Benefit Us All…

With some of the highest pollution levels in the country, air quality in London is a major concern for all of us. That’s why we made Air Quality one of our six main priorities for the Quarter – you can read more about our practical emission reducing services and initiatives on our Air Quality Hub including our cost saving Smarter Recycling service.

Westminster City Council has also identified several priorities to help keep our air clean and in a recent drive put initiatives in place to drive forward improving air quality in Westminster, including:

• The #DontBeIdle campaign, which targets idling vehicles creating pollution
• Supporting the Ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) to reduce the number of dirty vehicles with high emissions
• Introducing consolidation schemes for freight which reduces duplicate vehicle movements and air pollution
• Operating a waste collection fleet with lower emissions than even the Euro 6 (ULEZ) standard
• Declaring Westminster as an Air Quality Management area

Find out more about Westminster City Council’s priorities set out in their air quality action plan.

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