Countdown to Two Way

We shared in December the planned date for the Baker Street Two Way Project switch to two-way flow, which is 21 -24 February (weather permitting). All businesses and residents in the area will soon receive a leaflet from TfL on the planned road closures and what this means for getting around the area during this time. We have been directly in touch with our members too, to allow them to plan ahead for this disruption.

While we are excited by the huge benefits the change will bring in reducing traffic dominance and enhancing the area for pedestrians and cyclists,  there’s no doubt that the new system will take a little while to get used to. Please do pay extra attention to crossing the roads and getting around – walking on autopilot may mean you forget to look both ways!  For peace of mind the Project Team has arranged for travel ambassadors and stewards to be on the streets to assist in the days immediately after the switch. As we count down to the switch weekend we will be in touch with additional information.

You would have already seen some of the project’s benefits come to life, such as the wider pavements and improved crossings and as the project enters its final stages there will be more benefits to come including the addition of more trees and better cycling provision. You can find out more here.

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