How You Can Help Rough Sleepers

We know that our Quarter community is keen to help those who are vulnerable and rough sleeping in the area, so here are the best ways to help.

The most efficient way of helping is through financial donations to the charities working in our area. As we’ve shared recently, we’ve been working with The Passage charity over the last few months after commissioning them to provide enhanced support to those rough sleeping in the Quarter. The Passage is a fantastic charity to direct your donations towards, offering a range of services to address the issues that have contributed to an individual becoming homeless, and supporting them out of it and into a safer life. Have a read of this recent local success story from The Passage, their work in the Quarter and find out more via their website.

The Passage team works closely with other support services such as St Mungo’s, who run many of the hostels that rough sleepers in the Quarter are referred to. St Mungo’s offer a bed and support to more than 3,200 people across London, the southeast and southwest every night, and work to prevent homelessness and support those struggling. Find out more through their website.

If you’ve seen someone sleeping rough who you are concerned about, a Street Link referral (run by St Mungo’s) is a great way to alert support services. Another way is to notify our BakerStreetQ Street Team by emailing streetsafetyteam@bakerstreetq.co.uk. The Street Team will alert The Passage’s Community Intervention Team, who will make contact with the individual at the earliest opportunity.

To find out how to donate contact smartergiving@bakerstreetq.co.uk.

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