Everyday Nutrition For Optimal Health Workshop

Are you one of the thousands of people struggling to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during lockdown? Join local nutritionist and personal trainer, Michelle Walsh, for an invaluable, and FREE, hour-long workshop at 11am on 14 May via Zoom, which will focus on your health and wellbeing and supporting your body and mind whilst working from home.

Plus, the first 10 people to book will receive a free 20-minute online nutrition consultation!

Learning Outcomes

• A basic understanding of the role protein, carbohydrates and fats play in the body
• Knowledge of which foods can help support energy, focus, moods
• An understanding of how stress impacts the body
• Balanced blood sugar and its role with stress management
• Importance of hydration
• An understanding of sleeps role with keeping the body strong and healthy
• An action plan to take home and implement based on your goals

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