Gloucester Place Crossing

We’re pleased to let you know that the green phase crossing on the Gloucester Place/George Street junction in the Quarter is now complete. Work started at the end of February on this project, which came about from recommendations from the Baker Street Two Way Project monitoring report and with support from Westminster City Council and Transport for London, who have been instrumental in progressing this improvement.

This crossing featured in the initial plans for the Two Way Project, but with traffic modelling suggesting it would have created significant tailbacks and issues for other junctions it could not be included. However, the continuing reductions in traffic levels, most significantly following the implementation of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, meant work could go ahead.

You can read more of the findings from the Baker Street Two Way Project here, which were published in October 2019 one year on from the scheme’s implementation. The positive findings showed an 84% increase in pedestrian activity, an increase in cycle use and a significant improvement in air quality.

Read more here about the Baker Street Two Way Project.

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