Green Results For Smarter Recycling

As Smarter Recycling enters it’s second year, we wanted to update you on the impact of our area-wide waste service programme since it’s launch in November 2013.

Managed by our partner, Paper Round, Smarter Recycling has so far welcomed 45 members onto the programme, which provides a single solution for all waste streams and boasts a completely green, 100% zero to landfill waste and recycling service, with, in most cases, free dry mixed recycling for members.

By using our Smarter Recycling programme, participating members have contributed to CO² savings of 1,140,760kg … the equivalent of saving an estimated 190 cars worth of CO² emissions! Plus, collectively we’ve avoided seeing the downfall of 2,596 trees, demonstrating, quite literally, the programme’s green credentials! What’s more, Smarter Recycling has effectively redressed the ratio of general waste to recycling, with a reduction of waste from 59% in 2013 to 23% today and an increase in recycling from 5% in November 2013 to 26% in May 2015. We’re delighted at these results, which can only improve as we welcome more members to the scheme in the coming months.

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