How To Dispose Of PPE And Vegware Responsibly

Throughout coronavirus, both of our Smarter Recycling waste partners,  Westminster City Council  Veolia and  Paper Round, have continued to operate within government guidelines and provide their normal services, as well as offering advice and services to safely dispose of PPE. All businesses in the area benefit from preferential rates through Smarter Recycling. The more businesses that use Smarter Recycling, the fewer vehicles there are in the Quarter collecting rubbish. It’s a great way to reduce traffic and improve our air quality– and, crucially, reduces pressure on kerbside space needed for distancing and outdoor dining.

Paper Round is currently operating a specific PPE disposal service, on which they are offering members a 10% discount on the waste sacks and in-office collections.  Contact us  for more information. Westminster City Council Veolia can also provide service users with advice on how best to dispose of PPE.

As disposable tableware sees an increase in use, Paper Round is working with Vegware (biodegradable tableware and packaging) in offering a brand new Vegware Composting Service. A separate waste stream, compostables are sent to an in-vessel composting facility where it is transformed into compost in a 7-week cycle. This useful  seminar  tells you all about the new service, plus, there’s a handy  infogram  to print and share with your colleagues.

And in answer to the many queries on how to responsibly dispose of your PPE, Paper Round has produced an infogram on that too!

If you’re not yet signed up to our  Smarter Recycling  programme, which offers users a discounted, cost-effective waste solution that helps them meet their recycling goals, then please  contact us.

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