Improvements Made by LEN

Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) — a partnership between Westminster City Council, the Mayor of London and local partners — has developed a scheme that focuses on improving amenities for walking and cycling around the Marylebone High Street and Paddington Street areas.

Work at the first of four sites is already complete, with the installation of planters and rain gardens on either side of the zebra crossing on Marylebone High Street. This is at the St Vincent Street junction.

Still to come is the installation of two new zebra crossings on Paddington Street. The work, which will connect the two sides of Paddington Street Gardens, is currently scheduled for 22 April — 17 May. This phase of the works also includes the planting of six trees and the closure of Ashland Place to motorised vehicles at its northern end with Paddington Street.

Temporary signage has also been installed as part of the LEN’s anti-idling campaign at 66 locations around the area, encouraging drivers to turn off their engines whilst stationary.

You can stay right up-to-date with what’s happening throughout the scheme by signing up for regular construction updates.

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