Join Our Free Walk, Public Art – From Statues to Subways

Our Quarter is a positive treasure-trove of statues and art, much of which is so often not given a second glance from passers-by. But that could all be about to change for those taking part in next week’s 45-minute free walk, Public Art – From Statues to Subways.

Take a stroll around the beautiful Paddington Street Gardens with our knowledgeable guide, Mark, and get acquainted with many notable pieces of art including the much-loved, yet, mysterious Orderly Boy. The singers amongst you might care to stretch your vocal cords as well as your legs, as you discover a well-known song in Paddington Street.

There will be a chance for everyone to visit our wonderful Wonderpass and take a closer look at the curios and fun trivia installed within.

There’s no need to book, simply join us next Tuesday 10 December at 1pm outside 55 Baker Street for a fascinating new look at our Quarter.

Can’t make this walk? Check out our calendar of events and activities.

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