Keep Your Belongings Safe With A Chelsea Clip

Many venues within our area have installed ‘Chelsea clips’, a hook attached underneath a table to hang your bag off while you sit and relax.

Unfortunately, in common with most other locations, pickpockets do operate in the area and are using sleight-of-hand techniques – often with an accomplice who causes a distraction – to steal belongings. An example of which is where a person might show you something like a map and hold it over your belongings on the table, when the map is pulled back and the person retreats, your belongings are gone.

You can’t always keep your hands on your belongings, especially if you’re eating or drinking, leaving the best place for them secured on a Clip, where two hands are needed to remove an item, making a snatch virtually impossible. So, our Street Safety Team has worked closely with the local neighbourhood policing team and Westminster City Council, who funded the project, to help identify potential sites and are on hand if you see anyone behaving suspiciously. Some venues use window stickers to signpost the use of Clips, which are usually secured under the table, at the bar, in pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as anywhere that personal property may be vulnerable to theft.

The Clips are there to help protect your belongings, so if you see them, do use them!

You can contact them between 7am and 11pm daily, on: 07456673895, or email them. If you witness a crime, please contact the Police.

More information from the Met Police on how to keep your belongings safe.

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