Look Up, Look Out

While Marylebone is a low crime area, please remember to be vigilant if you’re out and about in the Quarter as unfortunately incidents of phone and valuables thefts can happen. The Metropolitan Police are running a Look Up, Look Out campaign to help keep London’s visitors, workers and customers safe. The key advice to follow is:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings when out and about
  • Keep valuables, including phones, out of sight when you’re walking around and don’t leave your phone unattended on the table if you’re dining out
  • Plan your route home

To download printable Look Up, Look Out posters for your workplace, click here.

Our Street Safety Team works seven days a week, keeping a friendly eye over the Quarter and working with the Police and Council to report any issues. To contact them, email streetsafetyteam@bakerstreetq.co.uk.

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