Looking For A Challenge In 2022?  

Westminster’s St John’s Hospice needs volunteers up for a challenge to take part in fundraising events including the London Marathon and a skydive. 

For real daredevils, take part in a 10,000ft skydive on Saturday 7 May. You’ll be given training on the day and rest assured you will jump securely harnessed to an experienced instructor! Find out more and register here 

Looking to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground? St John’s Hospice also has places available in both the Asics 10K on Sunday 10 July and the London Marathon on Sunday 2 October. Registration fees and sponsorship targets apply for both. Further information on all fundraising events and details on how to apply are available on the St John’s Hospice Eventbrite. There are also spaces on the St John’s Hospice Cheer Squad for both events, always a fun-filled few hours if you don’t fancy getting sweaty but want to join in!  

St John’s Hospice is an independent charity located within the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood, just north of the Quarter, which we work with as part of our Smarter Giving scheme. Our Smarter Giving programme runs year-round linking up local charities and community groups with Baker Street Quarter members and businesses to provide support. If you want to get involved, find out more here. 

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