New Project Team’s Plan For Elizabeth Line

For many of us eagerly awaiting the opening of the Elizabeth Line, the news that Bond Street Station is further delayed due to design and delivery challenges is disappointing, but following a detailed audit of the whole programme by the new Crossrail team, the good news is that a new plan to put Europe’s most ambitious and complex infrastructure project back on track has been released.

The new plan has required identifying and re-sequencing over 100,000 interdependent tasks and takes full account of exactly what is to be done and how long it will take. As many risks and uncertainties remain in the development and testing of the train and signalling systems, Crossrail Ltd has identified a six-month delivery window with a midpoint at the end of 2020. However, Crossrail will be making every effort to deliver the service as early as possible.

As the completion work proceeds Crossrail Ltd will be providing regular progress reports, and increasingly specific estimates of when the Elizabeth line will open. Crossrail Ltd has put in place a new visual management system to monitor progress by contractors and their supply chains so that issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

Read more about Crossrail’s new plan to complete the Elizabeth Line.

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