Plastic And Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a massive concern to all of us. And how and where it is disposed of is a bigger issue. Recycling plastic, recycling in general, and putting the brakes on all landfill, is something that we at Baker Street Q feel passionately about. So it’s great to see our Smarter Recycling partners, Westminster City Council and Paper Round, both providing in-depth information and guidance on this important topic.

WCC has issued a comprehensive case study, which highlights the holistic effects of plastic waste on our environment, while Paper Round’s ‘Wise up to plastics’ campaign provides detailed and practical information on the different types of plastics and their recyclability. The information contained within these studies will not only help you lessen the amount of new plastics you use, but will help your business save energy, reduce harmful emissions and save money.

Get the full picture by reading Westminster City Council’s, Plastic Waste – The Complete Guide, and Paper Round’s, Wise Up To Plastics campaign. And make sure your recycling is in safe hands with our Smarter Recycling programme.

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