Police Operation Success

The Met recommends the following actions to keep yourselves and your property safe:

* Always be vigilant to those around you, and as far as possible, maintain your personal space
* Be careful no to advertise your valuables in public and where you keep them. Phones, watches and purses are commonly targeted by thieves.
* Do not leave mobile phones and other belongings unattended or on show on tables
* Be wary of unlicensed street traders and their true motives when trying to sell items to you
* If fitted, consider using ‘Chelsea Hooks’ to hang bags under restaurant or cafe tables and out of sight
* Always register your electronic devices using Immobilise.com
* If available, activate any ‘tracking’ apps, for example FindMyPhone. Have your account details to hand should a theft occur
* Always report anything suspicious to police via 101 or if more urgent via 999

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