Project Servator In Action In Our Quarter

Project Servator – Latin for watcher, observer, or preserver – is the aptly given name of a partnership between police, business and members of the public, the aim of which is to deter, detect and disrupt hostile reconnaissance (collection of information by those planning hostile activity) by terrorists and other criminals, while providing a reassuring presence.

That reassurance was felt last week during our Summer in the Square event where, in addition to our own security plans and measures, Servator officers from the Westminster Team were working in partnership with our own Street Safety team. The partnership demonstrated how we’re all increasing the resilience of the Quarter and keeping it safe.

You may not always be aware of a Servator presence – officers can be plain-clothed and covert – but they are all specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that an individual may have criminal intent, and it’s great for peace of mind to have them working in our area and supporting our Street Safety Team.

Find out more about Project Servator and our own Safe and Cared for programme, especially designed to increase the areas resilience.

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