Protect Your Valuables

If you’re returning to central London after time working from home, rest assured that our Street Team remains on patrol 7 days a week to keep the area safe.

Marylebone remains a low-crime area, but incidents of phone theft do take place. Our Street Team act as a visible deterrent in the area and liaise closely with security teams and local Police to track any hot spot locations and give friendly advice to businesses and people who may be vulnerable to theft.

The Police’s ‘Look up, look out’ campaign gives great advice on how to make yourself less vulnerable to crimes such as phone theft. The Police advise you to stay aware of your surroundings and pay attention to who’s around you, especially when standing at road crossings. Try to keep valuables such as your phones, watches and cash out of sight whilst you’re out and about.

If you or a colleague sees anyone acting unusually, experiences or witnesses incidents of theft, please do report it to the Police and our Street Safety Team, which will help us build a picture of hotspot locations so resources can be effectively deployed. You can contact our team on streetsafetyteam@bakerstreetq.co.uk.

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