Protect Yourself & Your Valuables

We are aware of an increase in phone thefts in central London, but our Street Safety Team is a great deterrent and is working to keep your valuables safe. We have seen suspected table surfers leaving areas when they notice our team in yellow!

The incidents we are seeing often involve table surfing (where distraction techniques are used to steal the valuables of customers seated at venues) and theft of phones by e-scooter, hire bike and moped riders. Victims of the latter are often standing at road crossings when their phone is taken, so please stay aware of your surroundings when using your phone out and about.

We can all work together to help prevent these crimes. Our Street Safety Team are in the Quarter seven days a week and have been working hard to alert reception staff at office buildings to spread the word, as well as speaking to staff at restaurants and cafes. If you or a colleague sees anyone acting unusually, experiences or witnesses incidents of theft, please do report it to the police and our Street Safety Team, which will help us build a picture of hotspot locations.

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