Protection Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the Metropolitan Police have a range of team exercises and workshops to make sure you’re equipped to protect yourself and your business. The Met’s free workshops, delivered by police officers, are available to businesses to help prevent vulnerabilities in your security systems.

Workshops include a virtual escape room and also a Lego exercise (virtual or in person) that help teams understand the impact of their security systems and IT resilience. These are free and could be great training exercises or team building for businesses seeking to bring teams together after remote working. Find out more here.

One particular scam that has been widely reported recently are vaccine scams. Please remember and remind your colleagues that only the NHS is offering the Covid-19 vaccine. You can be contacted about it by the NHS, your local pharmacy, employer or your GP; anyone else and it’s a scam. Watch the Met Police’s helpful video and please circulate this around your workplace.

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