Re-home Your Phone

If the summer has prompted a clear out at home or of the office tech drawer, you can donate your old smartphones to those in need via Community Calling.

Over the last 18 months, Community Calling has helped to support individuals without access to the internet, as well as tackling e-waste at the same time. Once you’ve donated your old smartphone, Community Calling cleans it, data-wipes it and redistributes it to someone in need. Each recipient receives 12-months’ free data provided by O2 and access to free digital skills training. So far, Community Calling has re-homed almost 4000 smartphones, but with 28 million more going unused in people’s homes, they need your help to reach a target of 10,000.

As long as your old phone is a smartphone, doesn’t have a cracked screen or back, and holds charge, it can be donated to Community Calling. You can include the charger if you have it, but it’s not necessary. To donate, head to the Community Calling website to sign up and receive a freepost envelope or label.

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