Royal China Going Japanese

And for those of you who are NOT participating in ‘Veganuary’… the Royal China Club on Baker Street is now serving a range dishes featuring the prized, succulent Japanese Beef, Wagyu.

Cultivated in Japan, the phrase ‘Wagyu’ refers to the breed of cattle that is raised with pride and fed by specialists in the rich natural environment of Japan. Wagyu breeds are raised on a natural diet using highest standards of care. Wagyu, which translates to ’frosting’ in Japanese is known for its frost-like appearance. It is the fat marbling that gives the meat its signature soft flavour and expensive value.

With its unrivalled melt-in-the-mouth texture and rich aroma, Wagyu provides diners with the ultimate gastronomic experience. Also available at Royal China Club are two Wagyu Dim Sum dishes and a delicious Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom, ideal for complimenting the main Wagyu beef.

Find out more and sample Royal China’s mouth-watering Wagyu Beef

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