Street Safety Team Expands Effectiveness…

Many of you will have noticed new additions to our Street Safety Team: Terry (pictured), Elijah and Zahid, joined Svenn in June to form a significantly expanded Street Safety Team. With more feet on the ground, the team are able to provide an extended presence seven-days-a-week, from 7am to 11pm deterring crime and providing reassurance. Already this has enabled them to tackle instances of crime and anti-social behaviour that typically occurs at weekends and evenings, such as burglaries, ATM tampering and loitering. Plus, training from St Mungos outreach on how best to help people with complex needs, has enabled the newly expanded team to handle welfare checks for rough sleepers. The eagle-eyed among you may also have noticed that the team now carry radios… Bringing the security teams of local businesses together, The Baker Street Quarter Partnership Radio Network – the first of two new services designed to strengthen the area’s safety, security and resilience – has strengthened the security network across the area providing up-to-the-minute two-way communications, which are also monitored and recorded for intelligence. This intelligence and all other Street Team reports are collated, analysed and shared with the Police, Council and outreach services to enable them to effectively target their resources in our area.

Find out more about our Street Safety Team and our Safe and Cared for Programme.

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