Successful AGM Reviews Highlights And Future Plans

Last Wednesday, members and colleagues from our partnerships joined us for our AGM at Carousel.

We were delighted that so many braved the rain to attend and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and engage with many, review projects, achievements and share future plans.

In short, our second year (April 2014 – March 2015) had many highlights and, with the terrific support and involvement of many of you, we achieved a great deal. Of particular significance was:

  • the realisation of some major projects, including the current transformation of the Marylebone Road Subway into a ‘Wonderpass’, Baker Street Two-Way Project public consultation, along with developments to improve the frontages of Baker Street Station.
  • our CSR and green programmes, with Smarter Recycling facilitating a 12% reduction in waste vehicles and so many of you engaged in our Smarter Giving programme.
  • our focus on our vibrant Quarter, with events from Summer in the Square to Food Markets, Walksand free Clubs.

The detail of our activity and future plans can be found in our Annual Report 2014-2015, which will be delivered to members this week – non-members may email us for a copy or view it online.

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