Table Surfing – Be On Your Guard

It is known that thieves are using ‘table surfing’, a distraction technique, to steal mobile phones in cafés and bars across London and within our area. An example of how table surfing occurs is when someone approaches a table with customers with magazines or newspapers (usually free) , and asks the customer if they would like one. Whilst they are distracted by this, the thief is slowly moving their personal item away underneath the paper. Perpetrators may also use a map and ask for directions… Unfortunately, it’s an effective technique and the individual soon makes a quick exit with the person’s mobile phone.

Our Street Safety Team has been spending time with local businesses, sharing advice from the Met Police and Safer WestEnd, and distributing window stickers to help generate awareness with customers who may be at risk. We urge all individuals to be aware of their belongings at all time, and for local businesses to contact our Street Safety Team for help and advice on how to combat this stealthy crime.

Contact our Street Safety Team for help and advice about table surfing and order some window stickers.

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