Tabletop Counter-Terrorism Event Recap

We welcomed over 40 attendees to our annual Major Incident Tabletop Exercise on 3 February which this year explored our area’s response to an incident or crisis in the context of Covid-19.  At the session, we workshopped an escalating crisis scenario considering duty of care to homeworking staff, cyber attacks, GDPR and  communication challenges including media interviews in the world of remote working. The police and representatives from the Council also attended to offer their perspectives to the scenarios as they played out.  A key element was the consideration of Business Continuity Plans in light of Covid-19 regulations; for example, when is it necessary to suspend social distancing requirements in the event of a major incident, and what would the decision process be?

Click on the links to access the slides and action points from the meeting. If you’re interested in other security and counter-terrorism training, take a look at what’s coming up online or contact Helen (helen@bakerstreetq.co.uk) to discuss what training is available and relevant to your organisation.

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