The Grazing Goat Working in Partnership with Carbon Free Dining

The popular local pub, restaurant and hotel The Grazing Goat is working in partnership with Carbon Free Dining, an initiative where you can mitigate the environmental impact of your meal by voluntarily adding £1 to your bill.

For every £1 donated at least one tree will be planted in one of the world’s poorest communities. Many of the trees planted are fruit trees, which provide both food for local people, and produce for them to sell. The benefits of the tree planting also translate into a reduction in the carbon impact of your meal. By taking part in the scheme, diners can see these wider benefits through this simple and easy way of giving.

The number of trees already planted as a result of The Grazing Goat diners donations is an impressive 67,419 and counting, you can check out the map of the GiftTree Forest already planted here.

Find out more about The Grazing Goat here.

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