Vegware Success At Pimco

If you’re looking for ways to make your workplace more eco-friendly, our Smarter Recycling partner Paper Round and member PIMCO have provided an update on a 12-month pilot of Vegware at the Pimco offices on Baker Street.

PIMCO and Paper Round had worked together for several years as part of our Smarter Recycling scheme. Already making the most of over 10 of Paper Round’s waste and recycling services, PIMCO has always been on the hunt for ways to minimise the environmental impacts of the company’s operations and boost recycling rates. At London HQ, PIMCO’s small kitchenettes and limited storage space didn’t lend themselves to reusable crockery and cutlery for staff use, and the company was relying on disposables. As food waste leads to contamination of recycling, the company needed another, greener, solution.

One of the first customers to sign up to Paper Round’s Vegware Compostable scheme, PIMCO switched all cutlery, plates and cups to Vegware, which is fully compostable and can be safely disposed of with food scraps instead of into general waste. A great solution all round to reduce general waste and avoid contamination of recycling.

Gregg Gibbons, Vice President, Facilities and Voice Administration, EMEA at PIMCO, said:

“Once we were able to join the scheme and create the right waste pattern for the people to follow, making it easy for all to sort their waste properly, the response was exceedingly positive. I think it’s an easy thing to institute and brings a real sense of satisfaction to the end user.”

If you’re interested in joining Paper Round’s Vegware scheme, please email info@bakerstreetq.co.uk. Find out more about the ways we’re working towards a greener Quarter here.

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