Warning From London Fire Brigade As Millions Work From Home

With the increased numbers of people at home during the day, London Fire Brigade is warning of the potential for more fires as people adapt their daily routines, in terms of working from home and being in isolation and is calling for people to think, take action and avoid becoming a further casualty for the NHS.

Firefighters are usually called to a larger number of domestic fires between 6pm and 8pm and there has traditionally been an increase in cooking fires during the weekend when people are at home for longer periods of time. However, LFB has seen an increase in weekday fires and fires earlier in the day, which has led firefighters to issue a warning on the common causes of fires in the home such as cooking, smoking, electrical items and heating sources as people are spending more time indoors than usual.

Here are some simple tips to help stay safe while working from home:

  • Test your smoke alarms
  • Do not overload your sockets
  • Don’t use counterfeit or incorrect chargers for tablets, laptops and mobile phones
  • Don’t ‘daisy-chain’ multiple extension leads together
  • Do not plug many multi-socket adaptors into a single socket
  • Don’t smoke inside

And while it’s great being able to knock-up a freshly cooked lunch at home, don’t allow yourself to be distracted while doing so.

Find out more about staying safe from fire at home. You can find other advice on working from home here.

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