Wimbledon Festival 11 – 14 July 11:30 – 20:00

Laska East / Asian noodle broth with coconut milk and oriental vegetables with a choice of chicken, prawn or tofu

The Street Pig / Slow cooked braised ribs and marinated steak sandwiches served in a crusty roll with sides

​Pink Cactus / Mexican pork belly, spicy chicken, tender beef strips & grilled halloumi in soft burritos or tacos topped with onions, peppers, tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream

Peckish / traditional beef brisket or Memphis pulled pork served with a selection of breads and peckish house BBQ sauce

Chalana / Gourmet Brazilian toasted wraps filled with spicy chicken, tender pulled pork topped with feta or halloumi, tomatoes and salad

Galeta / Hand made pastries with all-natural ingredients and giant cookies

Falafel Queen / Falafel or chicken schnitzel in a freshly grilled wrap with a selection of salads and sauces

Duck Confit / Delicious Confit Duck in traditional french duck sauces inside a toasted ciabatta bun with fresh rocket

It’s a Wrap / Quesadillas: essentially flat cheese wraps with chicken, beef or beans spiced with various flavours just as fajita, jerk & teryaki.

Yorica / Selection of vegan ice creams

Over the Grill / Carribean BBQ including Jerk Chicken, pulled pork and wraps. Served with salad, rice and peas.

Cevichini Cevicheria / Peruvian / Colombian ceviche

Spanish Homemade / Paella with Spanish sides

Sausage Guru / Gourmet hot dogs served in a fresh roll with hot mustard and homemade relish

Bulgarian Grill / a selection of Bulgarian grilled meats served with mixed salads

Guptas / Indian tikka wraps, bhaji’s and samosa’s and traditional Indian curry.

Urban Okra / Traditional African street-food including goat curry, Jollof rice with chi-chinga & lamb and chicken skewers with freshly grilled vegetables.

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