Win a Pasta & Pizza Masterclass For Two

First of a series of masterclasses being offered by KitchenAid on Wigmore Street, the Pizza & Pasta Masterclass on 15 May will have you making your own pasta and pizza dough like an aficionado!

You’ll be taught how to make the picture‐perfect pasta and pizza dough to produce a range of dishes, from fresh pasta, herb tagliatelle with pesto and a three cheese pizza with a homemade sauce.

With help from KitchenAid’s experts, you’ll master KitchenAid’s Artisan Stand Mixer’s pasta attachments, so next time you need to impress your friends and family you can easily whip up a delicious pasta dish completely from scratch.

When the work is done, sit down to enjoy your hand‐made pasta and pizza!

A limited number of places can be booked now at £95 per person, but we have four places to give away to two lucky Regulars.

Note that this is a four-hour masterclass, starting at 10.30am on Wednesday 165May.

Find out more about KitchenAid’s masterclasses and book. Enter our FREE prize draw.

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