Win A Master Class For Two In Chocolate Making

Next in the series of masterclasses being offered by KitchenAid on Wigmore Street, is a Chocolate Making Workshop Masterclass where attendees will discover the fascinating process of cocoa bean to bar – to how chocolate is made, and be taught the perfect way to taste chocolate.

A very hands on class, you will make truffles with creamy, dark chocolate centres ‐ from piping the mixture, to shaping and moulding to perfection, then enrobe in melted milk chocolate. You’ll learn how to decorate with a selection of beautiful toppings and then package with ribbon. And to the delight of your family and friends, you’ll make enough chocolate goodies to take some home with a detailed recipe sheet.

A limited number of places can be booked now at £40 per person, but we have four places for a 2-hour session 10.30am – 12.30pm on 16 July to give away to two lucky Regulars.

Find out more and book KitchenAid’s Cookery Classes, or enter our free prize draw.

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