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Our Area

The proposed Baker Street Quarter Partnership BID area for 2023-2028 includes an extension as shown by the blue boundary to take in Marylebone Station and more of Marylebone Road. Enabling improvements to this key entry point to the area, support our work to develop a strong Marylebone identity and bring us closer to the focus of our Smarter Giving programmes

  • Allsop Place: 1- 31 (west, odds), 2 only east side
  • Bakers Mews
  • Baker Street: 1-213 (odds, west) and 2-206 (evens, east)
  • Baker Street Station
  • Baker Street Station Approach
  • Berkeley Mews
  • Bickenhall Street
  • Blandford Street: 44-106 (evens, north) and 29-91 (odds, south)
  • Broadstone Place
  • Brunswick Mews all excl nos 2,15,16)
  • Bryanston Street: 2 to 32 only (evens, north)
  • Chiltern Street
  • Crawford Street: 1 to 13 (consecutive, north) and 90 to upper limit 130 (south, consecutive)
  • David Mews
  • Dorset Street: 1 to 17 (northside, consecutive) and 26 to 55 (south, consecutive)
  • Duke’s Mews
  • Duke Street: 1 to 29 (odds, east) and 2 to 28 (evens, west)
  • Edwards Mews : north side only
  • Durweston Mews
  • Fitzhardinge Street
  • George Street: 26 to 112 (evens, north); 15 to 125 (odds, south)
  • Gloucester Place: 2 to 118 (evens, east); 1- 75 (odds, west)
  • Grays Yard
  • Hinde Street (no 9 only)
  • James Street: 37 and 39 only
  • Kendall Place
  • Kenrick Place
  • Luxborough Street: 4, 4a, 4b only
  • Manchester Mews
  • Manchester Street
  • Manchester Square
  • Marylebone Road: 62 to 186 (evens, north); 31 to 93 (odds, south)
  • Montagu Mansions: 1-5, (odds, east)
  • Montagu Mews (all excl nos 4,5,6,7,16,17, 18)
  • Montagu Row
  • Montagu Street
  • New Quebec Street
  • Old Quebec Street: 24-end (evens, east)
  • Orchard Court
  • Orchard Street: 13-14 (consecutive, east) and 15a-23 (consecutive,west)
  • Paddington Street: 22 to 34 (consecutive, north) and 35 to 38 (consecutive, south)
  • Porter Street
  • Portman Close
  • Portman Mews South: north side only
  • Portman Square
  • Portman Street: 12 only
  • Robert Adam Street
  • Rodmarton Street
  • Seymour Street: 1-19 (odds, south) and 2-30 (evens, north)
  • Seymour Mews
  • Sherlock Mews
  • Spanish Place
  • Upper Berkeley Street: 1 to 8 (consecutive, north) and 68 to end (consecutive, south)
  • Wigmore Street*: 88 to 144 (evens, north) and 79 to 105 (odds, south)
  • York Court: 1-6 only
  • York Street: 2-30 (evens, north) and 1-27 (odds, south)
*103 Wigmore Street is partially included in the Baker Street Partnership BID area. The ground floor east part of the premises is contiguous with the Selfridges store and both of these fall in the NWEC BID area. The remainder of the 103 Wigmore Street premises fall in the Baker Street Partnership BID area.

All business premises that meet the BID levy rules within this area will be members and have a vote in our renewal ballot.

Baker Street is a bustling, vibrant part of central London which plays a crucial role in our city’s economy and welcomes many thousands of visitors throughout the year. The Baker Street Quarter Partnership has done great work in areas which are also high priorities for the Mayor, such as improving air quality and supporting businesses of all sizes.

Rajesh Agrawal
Deputy Mayor for Business,
Mayor of London

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Baker Street Quarter works for the benefit of all those working and living in and visiting Baker Street and Marylebone.

Our programmes to ensure the area has quality, safe and cared for streets, improved air quality, vibrancy and entertainment are for the benefit of all.