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Renewal Ballot and
Our Plans 2023 – 2028

Our renewal ballot takes place in October 2022 – your opportunity to vote to secure a bright future for Marylebone. You will be voting on the continuation of the Partnership to implement our plans for 2023-2028 which we have drawn up following in depth consultation with our business members including property owners, local residents and the City Council. Our focus is on ensuring this special area is vibrant, attractive, forward looking, inclusive and accessible to all.

Please explore these pages to find out more about our delivery over the last ten years and achievements to date, our vision and plans for the future as well as information about us and the ballot.

See Our Vision, Commitments and Priorities

Our Vision
A progressive, compelling and connected place
for your people, your business and for everyone.

Our Commitments

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    To ensure the environment is forward thinking, exceptional and vibrant whilst always being resilient, clean and safe

    That is attractive to your people, new talent, visitors and customers

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    To nurture a connected and caring community

    Facilitating social and environmental impact and wellbeing while contributing to the delivery of businesses sustainability and ESG objectives

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    To promote, support and represent the area and our businesses

    Ensuring the future vitality of the area, providing tailored support and advocating for our businesses and for Marylebone.

Our Five Priorities

The Baker Street Quarter Partnership puts community at its core and is vital to the ongoing prosperity of the area and local businesses. They adapted swiftly during the pandemic providing vital support to local employees, hospitality businesses and local charities. We see the Partnership being a key component to encouraging people back to their offices more regularly in the coming months.

Tim Robinson, Partner, Head of Commercial Consultancy, Knight Frank

You can discover the exciting plans for making our vision a reality across this site. If you would like a one to one meeting with a member of the team who can talk you through these plans please let us know.

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