Better Air Quality

Air quality is a priority for us in the Quarter and a cornerstone of our Sustainable Future work. The projects and services outlined below are just a few of the ways we’ve been working towards better air quality in the Quarter, and you can read more of our plans here.

  • Smarter Recycling

    Smarter Recycling

    As well as simplifying your business’s waste management, our Smarter Recycling scheme helps to improve the area’s air quality by reducing the number of waste providers on the Quarter’s streets. The more businesses we have signed up to Smarter Recycling, the fewer vehicles on the streets. Find out more about Smarter Recycling and join up here.

  • Baker Street Two Way Project

    Baker Street Two Way Project

    September 2019 saw the completion of this major public realm project, led by Westminster City Council and TfL with support from Baker Street Quarter and The Portman Estate, to change Baker Street and Gloucester Place from one-way to two-way. The scheme’s objectives were to improve air quality, reduce vehicle speeds, provide greater opportunity to walk and cycle, and make the shared public space a more enjoyable place to be.

    As well as other benefits, the project saw a significant improvement to air quality, with reductions in annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentrations of between 35-50%. The scheme also saw 23 established trees being planted in the area.

    Read more about the Baker Street Two Way Project here.

  • Greening The Quarter

    Greening The Quarter

    Greenery is a great way to help the air quality of the area, especially with air-filtering varieties of plant.

    As part of our commitment to deliver more greenery to the area, we supported the Wild West End Garden on Old Quebec Street, an award-winning design at the Chelsea Flower Show. We also partnered with The Portman Estate and Derwent London to deliver George’s Park, a green micro-oasis offering outdoor seating and a programme of pop-up stalls. Both parks offer locals an attractive space for respite and downtime and includes pollution-tackling planting too to help meet our air quality goals.

  • Low Emission Travel

    Low Emission Travel

    To help your staff choose low-emission travel options for getting around the Quarter and encourage exploring the neighbourhood, here are some resources you can share. These are especially useful for new starters.

    BakerStreetQ map

    BakerStreetQ bike storage location map

    TfL Go app for planning your journeys

    TfL’s bus and tourist attractions map 

    TfL’s walking tube map

    Find a Santander cycle hire docking station

    To discover where the nearest Electric Vehicle charging points are you can search by location on the Council’s website. Go to Find a Charge Point.