Better Air Quality

Air Quality is increasingly important in ensuring the area remains attractive and is a key concern for our members and their staff. We offer a range of practical services to help members do their bit to reduce emissions and improve air quality. Not only that, we engage with local and regional government stakeholders and the wider community and our neighbouring BID’s to have an even greater impact. Please join us by taking up these activities and services and show your staff, clients and guests that you care about the area and their health. 

  • George's Park

    A Little Green Oasis For All To Enjoy

    George's Park

    Working with Derwent London and The Portman Estate, we have transformed an unused, unloved space off George Street (near the junction with Baker Street) into a veritable oasis. With space at a premium, design was everything. But with the backing of our partners on this project, both the design and planting of this ‘pocket’ park have been geared towards air quality and biodiversity as well as creating a beautiful space. Local favourite, Souli have set up a stall by our small, yet perfectly formed, park where you can grab a coffee and a snack before taking to a deckchair for your break. Pop down and enjoy!

  • Smarter Recycling

    A Simpler, Cheaper and Greener Waste Service

    Smarter Recycling

    Smarter Recycling offers businesses the unique opportunity to work together to reduce traffic and emissions in the Quarter. Working with two industry leading waste and recycling service providers, Paper Round and Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service, we offer an area-wide scheme that helps businesses cut costs and meet its green goals by minimising waste and increasing recycling rates. The more businesses using the service, the better the area’s air quality as it means fewer providers coming in the Quarter to collect rubbish. Find out more about the service and its benefits here.

  • DeliverBEST

    Reduced Deliveries, Efficiencies & Cost Savings


    As a member, DeliverBEST is a tool to help you deliver the BEST supply chain outcomes for your business while at the same time delivering the BEST for our health and the environment. The tool asks fewer than 10 questions about your business, so you can complete it in just minutes, and you will get a set of recommendations to help you deliver efficiencies and cost savings, corporate sustainability and responsibility outcomes and an improved environment for staff and customers. Although we’re sure you’ll want to, there’s no obligation to act on any of the recommendations. You can also receive free 121 support to help you determine what action you can take to improve local air quality, make a business case for change and measure your impacts. Visit for more.


  • Raising Awareness and Encouraging Action

    Raising Awareness and Encouraging Action

    Personal Deliveries – Our Click Collect website and information for members is designed to make it easier for people to arrange personal deliveries near home rather than adding to congestion and pollution in the Quarter. Here’s more information including a short video explaining how it works.

    Anti Idling Campaigns –  Idling omits unnecessary harmful emissions and is illegal and could lead to a fine.  Our ambassador has an active role in discouraging engine idling in the area by encouraging idlers to switch off their engines.  This is an initiative is led by the Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood through its air quality marshals.


  • Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood

    Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood

    We are a partner in this initiative led by Westminster City Council and other businesses, residents, TfL and other organisations in Marylebone, with a central focus on improving air quality throughout the area. Its projects include emissions based parking charges, plans to increase the area’s electric vehicle charging points together with cleaning the air through planting. This partnership demonstrates that by working together with the whole community we can achieve even greater impact for air quality. Find out more. 

  • Travel Information For Staff & Visitors

    Travel Information For Staff & Visitors

    To help your staff choose low emission travel options for getting around the Quarter and encourage exploring the neighbourhood, here are some resources you can share. These are especially useful for new starters.

    To discover where the nearest Electric Vehicle charging points are you can search by location on the Council’s website. Go to Find a Charge Point.

  • Greening the Quarter

    Greening the Quarter

    Our Greenery Action Plan sets out our ambitions to add more greenery to the area to enhance its attractiveness. This includes proposals for a Baker Street Arboretum of varied species with a particular focus on those that are beneficial to air quality. We are actively pursuing opportunities to implement proposals from this plan.

  • Close The Door Campaign

    Close The Door Campaign

    We encourage businesses in the Quarter to adopt the Close The Door initiative. As simple as it sounds, closing your store or premises door will reduce the level of airborne pollutants inside by a third – making your workplaces safer and healthier for customers, clients and staff. Keeping your doors closed will also reduce electricity usage (and costs) by up to 50% when heating is in use. Being more energy efficient not only cuts costs, but reduces emissions from on-site boilers and / or the electricity grid. Find our more here.