Business Security Zone

  • Keeping safe is a priority for us all, with issues ranging from theft and anti-social behaviour to more severe incidents and terrorism at the forefront of our minds. Fortunately crime in the Quarter is relatively low although there are still ways in which we can work together to be better prepared and more resilient.

    Our role in taking care of the area means we’re well placed to bring together key organisations to ensure that we have a cohesive, united approach to security of all matters.

    The Business Security Zone (BSZ) is our initiative to keep members up to date on local security issues and facilitate collaboration to improve and enhance security in the Quarter. Being part of the BSZ will in time, ensure your business is notified about local incidents and security threats. As the BSZ progresses an area-wide plan will be devised to factor in the needs of members in the case of a large scale incident.

    We’re hosting a series of workshops for our members giving you access to business continuity templates and an opportunity to share best practice in emergency situations. You can see the full details and book your place here.

    If you would like to know more or want to get involved we encourage you to contact our Operations Manager Will | 020 3056 5912