Collective Voice

An important aspect of our work is how we proactively represent our members and our area with decision makers. Business in Marylebone does not always get the focus and attention of other West End locations so our role is to ensure your voices are heard. We also help to strike the balance of both residential and businesses views being represented.

  • Ongoing Priorities include:

    •  The proposed transformation of Oxford Street – working with TfL and WCC to ensure this strategic vision works for our area
    •  Air Quality – we continue to press for accelerated changes to emissions charging, cleaner bus and taxi fleets and a diesel scrappage scheme
    •  Together with our neighbouring BID’s, where possible we will lobby for Police resourcing in our areas to be reviewed
    •  The proposed reform of business rates and local government funding

  • Advocacy for our area and businesses during coronavirus recovery

    Advocacy for our area and businesses during coronavirus recovery

    Our current focus is on the very particular challenges facing Central London and its consumer facing businesses.  We are working with several groups made up of key business and representative bodies developing evidence, thought and campaigns to support Central London and push for specific assistance and policy changes:

    • Greater flexibility with planning uses to protect against empty units – this will be informed by research and local consumer demand
    • Tailored government financial assistance for restaurants and food and beverage
    • Greater agility in approving table and chairs licenses, temporary event notices and pop-ups – to enable an agile response to the changing context
    • Long term reform to the business rates system to ensure a sustainable retail offer
    • Clear communications on transport operators capacity, cleansing and safety measures which we have circulated to our audiences
    • Recognition of security staff as essential workers which was critical in ensuring they could  travel to their workplaces during lockdown 
    •  Repurposing of outdoor space for hospitality businesses and improved pedestrian and cycling routes and

  • There are a wide range of groups, forums and boards that we frequently participate in, including planning groups, policing, transport and local government policy groups. Where appropriate we also join forces with our BID colleagues in Westminster and central London to add weight to our arguments.

    We are part of the following groups, on our members behalf:

    •  Marylebone Forum
    •  Police Safer Neighbourhood Panel
    •  Westminster City Council and BIDs Senior Liaison Group
    •  Westminster Operations Group
    •  GLA London BID Forum
    •  TfL BIDs Forum
    •  West End Partnership

    If you have a particular interest in our Collective Voice work or would like to discuss any issues please contact us. We post all consultation responses in our What’s News section.