Free 12 Week Course: Improving Workplace Cyber Security

We are working with the Police Security Digital Centre (PDSC) in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police to deliver a free 12-week course supporting your business to enhance it’s cyber security. Addressing this issue is especially relevant during the current situation as so many of us are working from home.

Each week we will post links to resources compiled by PDSC and to other reputable online materials. You can also contact the Police Security Digital Centre for advice on [email protected]

Cyber security topics include:

Week 1 – Working From Home

Week 2 – Managing a Breach and Out with the Old, In with the New

Week 3 – Backup Data

Week 4 – Apps, Websites and Social Media

Week 5 – Password Policy

Week 6 – Software Updates

Week 7 – Incident response plan

Week 8 – Install Antivirus & Firewall

Week 9 – Develop cyber policies and review them

Week 10 – Restrict Removable Media/Asset Registry/User Privileges

Week 11 – Compliance

Week 12 – IoT