Week 1 – Improving Workplace Cyber Security

  • Working from Home

    Step 1:

    With so many of us now working from home to control the spread of coronavirus, it has never been more important to take a few simple steps to protect yourself online. Stay safe online with our top cyber security tips for working at home here 

    Step 2:

    Coronavirus has pushed home & mobile working onto the front pages. Read this blog by Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, & Head of RESILIA, it contains some common sense security advice around home & mobile working here 

    Step 3:

    What is phishing? You may have heard the term mentioned more frequently as cyber criminals attempt to take advantage of the current situation with more of us working from home. Here are three videos to explain what it is, how to spot it and what to do if you receive one: 

    What is Phishing:

    How to spot a phishing email:

    Actions to take after receiving a phishing email:


    Step 4: 

    To support businesses during the current situation, we have put together a leaflet in collaboration with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office that provides advice & guidance to assist businesses with their physical and cyber security here

    Step 5: 

    Read this blog by Neil Sinclair, the National Cyber Lead at PDSC. In it he discusses securing live conference calls, something with is now vitally important to the businesses with people working from home here

    Step 6: 

    Stop, Think And Be Safe – have a look at this great animation by Axelos which contains some great advice for staying safe online