Incident WhatsApp Group

The BakerStreetQ Incident WhatsApp Group service for members lets you share and receive real time communications about security related incidents, serious crimes or other major incidents which take place or could have an impact on the area. The Group enables you to quickly access information about an incident to allow you to make decisions including whether your business needs to take any action. It’s been created for staff with a responsibility for crisis management, business continuity planning and managers who have decision-making responsibilities in an incident.

  • Uses


    This Group is for users to send messages about incidents, or enquire about the validity of incidents, in the Baker Street area, such as

    • Actual or suspected acts of terrorism
    • Serious crime such as an armed robbery
    • Large scale and/or spontaneous public protest and disorder
    • A major incident such as a fire, gas explosion or other event likely to cause widespread disruption
    • Urgent information and enquiries after a major incident relating to building access or cordons

    It can also be used to notify users of incidents taking place close enough to the Baker Street area to cause significant disruption.

    You can use the group to share what action you are taking in respect of the incidents, especially those that could impact others, such as building lockdowns or evacuations.

  • Group Rules

    Group Rules

    1. Messages must be factual, i.e. either personally observed or directly reported to you via a reliable source. Rumour, speculation or any information from a doubtful or uncertain source must not be shared.
    2. Try to be concise – it’s important for messages to be read and understood quickly so they can be acted upon.
    3. Do not suggest Group users follow a particular course of action. It’s the responsibility of each individual user/business to act on their own accord.
    4. Do not share images and personal details of potential offenders or suspects (such as CCTV footage) as this would breach General Data Protection Regulations.
    5. Do not use the Group to share routine information or less serious crimes such as anti-social behaviour. Our Safer West End service and our Street Security Team should be used in these instances. For Building Managers our radio service can also be used.
    6. More than one user per business is permitted.
    7. Group members are encouraged to have their own internal communications procedures in place to enable messages to be passed to their own staff.
    8. If you leave your organisation you must leave the group and notify us
    9. Mis-use of the system will be followed up and BakerStreetQ reserve the right to remove people from the Group where appropriate.
    10. We will send a monthly test message to ensure the Group remains active. These tests may require an acknowledgement

  • Register


    If you would like to join the Incident WhatsApp Group please complete this form and return by email to