Quality Spaces

  • Manchester Square

    Manchester Square

    We are delighted that the vision we have developed with The Portman Estate and Westminster City Council for a new public space in Manchester Square has been given the green lightThe project will provide new space for workers and locals to relax, add more greenery to the area, improve the environment and accessibility for walkers and cyclists. While very much a project for Marylebone, the scheme is being developed in conjunction with the Council’s Oxford Street District framework.

    The Manchester Square Project will provide:

    • A new public space providing respite, greening and seating 
    • Improved pedestrian safety and accessibility with wider footways, reduced traffic and step-free crossings
    • A new setting and open space to enhance the free-to-enter Wallace Collection, celebrating the cultural and historic value of Manchester Square
    • The introduction of a dedicated eastbound cycle lane on the northern side of the square

    Construction is planned to commence in spring 2022, with works expected to take up to nine months to complete.

    You can read more about the project here, and please get in touch if you’d like to be added to the Manchester Square project mailing list.

  • Baker Street Two Way Project

    Baker Street Two Way Project

    September 2019 saw the completion of this major public realm project, led by Westminster City Council and TfL with support from Baker Street Quarter and The Portman Estate, to change Baker Street and Gloucester Place from one-way to two-way. The scheme’s objectives were to improve air quality, reduce vehicle speeds, provide greater opportunity to walk and cycle, and make the shared public space a more enjoyable place to be.

    Wider pavements, additional and better crossings, more trees and new surfacing have all contributed to a much-improved environment for those residents and workers that use the area regularly as well as for visitors and those travelling through. A detailed monitoring strategy, comparing traffic survey data pre-works in July 2017 and after completion in October 2019, alongside repeated and sustained observations at several key junctions and locations, resulted in the following observations:

    • There was an increase in pedestrian activity of up to 84%.
    • There was an increase in cycle use, particularly during morning peak times where cyclist flows have grown by 15-20%
    • Vehicle speeds have decreased by approximately 25-30% in the area, which is beneficial for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
    • There has been negligible impact on vehicle journey times southbound and northbound despite the introduction of new pedestrian crossing points.
    • There have been significant improvements to air quality, with reductions in annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentrations of between 35-50%, when compared to pre-scheme measurements – the introduction of the ULEZ will account for much of this, however, comparisons to comparable sites and schemes indicate the Two Way has also contributed to this improvement.

    Further information on the Baker Street Two Way and the detailed monitoring report can be found here.

  • Retail Strategy

    Retail Strategy

    Our research tells us that people want a broader, more coherent retail offer with a stronger evening economy. The future transformation of the area, thanks to the Baker Street Two Way Project, and the commitment of property owners provide the opportunity to improve the appeal of the area. We are working with property owners to define a strategy to be implemented over time to ensure the area’s retail serves those working and living in the area as well as visitors.

  • George's Park

    George's Park

    George’s Park, our quiet courtyard public space, tucked away near the junction with George Street and Baker Street, provides much needed space for local workers to head to during their breaks. Working with Derwent London and The Portman Estate, we transformed an unused, unloved space off George Street (near the junction with Baker Street) into a veritable oasis with design and planting geared towards improving air quality and biodiversity as well as creating a beautiful space. In 2021, we spruced the space up with extra seating and new greenery featuring air-purifying varieties of plans.

    This year, enabled by funding from The Portman Estate, Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Westminster City Council’s Open Spaces Greener Places initiative, the partners have collaborated to commission a flora and fauna-inspired mural at George’s Park, enhancing this valued respite spot in the heart of Marylebone.

    This collaboration is the latest in The Portman Estate and Baker Street Quarter Partnerships’ efforts to support the enhancement of public realm within the community. As part of the process, we consulted local community stakeholders, including residents and workers, through online sketch and chat workshops to help develop the mural design. This ensured the street art installation compliments Marylebone’s community and identity. The project aims to make George’s Park a place in which residents, workers and visitors can enjoy spending time and relax.

    Alice Roche Barton, artist, illustrator and designer, was commissioned to design and produce the artwork with Sing London. The mural celebrates the nature and wildlife connected to the history of Marylebone and has been placed on a vast brick wall to the side of the park, bringing colour to the pocket park and catching the eye of passers-by.

    Find out more by email us info@bakerstreetq.co.uk


  • The Wonderpass

    The Wonderpass

    We were delighted to open the transformed Wonderpass in 2016. Previously a much neglected, dank and dingy Marylebone Road Subway, the vibrant and welcoming walkway is a safe alternative to those wishing to cross Marylebone Road. The Wonderpass is also a cultural crossing that’s a wonderful celebration of our area’s history and attractions.  More than just a lick of paint, the project involved a major structural upgrade, improving and renewing drainage, electrics and lighting, stairwells, floors and handrails. It represents a true collaboration of ourselves, TfL and Westminster City Council ward councillors, with production from Sing London, and the design features work from the Wallace Collection, Madame Tussauds and Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.

    More on The Wonderpass